Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Law of Attraction

Even if you have already seen this, please take a moment to watch "The Secret"…again! You can find it on Netflix or you can watch it on Spend a little time to remind yourself how the Universe is designed. Simply put, thoughts become things!! Make your desires absolutely clear in your mind and then invoke the Laws of the Universe. Contact me through if you need a little assistance in identifying your core desires and creating your empowering goals and affirmations. Attract only the best into your life!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Sometimes meditation is very misunderstood. Like anything new, we tend to try too hard. Focused breathing is used in every kind of meditation because it brings you to an awareness of yourself as you listen to the simple process of breathing in and breathing out. Meditation teaches us to keep our mind clear. We are trying to make our minds like a clear pool of still water where you can see the bottom perfectly. Thoughts sometimes act like the pebble thrown into the water causing ripples that prevent you from seeing the bottom of your pool, your center. Yoga refers to those as monkey thoughts! The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind so that you can feel your soul and listen to the messages your soul has for you! 

In your dance of life, have you gotten to the point in your dance where you have practiced a routine so much that it has become a part of you? Can you feel like your body moves and your mind no longer has to focus on the form so that you are free to move and be one with the music? I used to be a competitive swimmer and during practice as I was swimming miles, I got into a zone where my body just glided effortlessly through the water and I would feel so peaceful and calm. This was a meditation for me. Did you ever experience driving on the highway and you feel like you zoned out for awhile and just allowed yourself to not think and soak in everything around you? That is meditation. Sometimes we are meditating and don't even realize it. I would suggest trying to connect with moments like this in your life where you already have been meditating but maybe didn't call it that. Think of moments where you felt peaceful and calm, even if for a few moments. The purpose of meditating is to find a very calm relaxed place within yourself where you feel safe; and then just allow yourself to be there and listen. 

Life itself can be a meditation if you allow that peaceful, calm place within you to be with you wherever you go! You simply need to still the waters of your mind.

Have fun and may you find that place of peace within yourself.

I love you, Kathryn

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Create Something New in Your Life!

This morning my husband and I went to a yoga class together! I've only been doing yoga for a few weeks, and I hesitate to talk about it because I don't want it to become something in my life that I talk about and then stop doing it after my gift certificate runs out! Yoga will become a part of my life!

My goal is to do yoga every morning as a part of my waking up routine. I started doing that this week and it's causing me to have to adjust other parts of my life, like how late I go to bed. There's always a clear choice you have to make as to how you are going to live your life and setting priorities, isn't there!

When I was younger I really wanted to have a big family that loved being together. That wasn't the experience I had in my family, so I knew I would have to find out how to make that happen in my life. We are so fortunate to be creative human beings! We can create anything we imagine. It takes a lot of discipline from the level of thought to the level of manifestation. We need to discipline our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions to become a self-actualized human being.

My quest to create a loving family took me to California and I lived in a community of like-minded individuals. I learned a lot about living in community. I lived with some amazing women, and men! One of the women I lived with had her masters in psychology and had a lot of great ideas for us to connect with each other. Every morning we would eat breakfast together and share what our goals were for the day and how we did on our goals from the day before! That's something I never experienced growing up, and it taught me to develop the habit of becoming engaged with the people I live with. One of the men had his Phd and he had studied directly under Abraham Maslow. He had a great sense of humor, and he taught me a lot about integrating those three aspects of thought, feeling and actions! If you don't integrate these three parts of yourself, you disintegrate as a person! The greatest lesson is that you cannot just think your dream, you need to feel it and act on it!

Fast forward about 30 years and I found myself in the throws of taking care of my aging parents. I did manage to fulfill my dream of creating a big loving family. We do really enjoy being together and we extended that love to my parents who bought the house next to us and we lived next to them for 6 years. It was a very important time for me to love my parents as an adult and to help my children get to know their grandparents and experience the unconditional love of grandparents! many great memories there! We had a great time until my dad's diabetes needed to have more careful monitoring and they needed to move into an assisted living center.

I saw my parents deteriorate intellectually, emotionally and physically over the 5 years that they lived in various community living situations. They both died, 11 days apart from each other, last August. As I observed their diminishment over those years, I couldn't help but think of the lessons I had learned so many years ago, and that is the importance of integrating your thoughts, feelings, and emotions! I could see that my dad no longer could have a vision of himself. Even though he had bought nursing home insurance, he really hadn't put much thought into what that reality would be like living in that environment. He felt like a caged animal, and he began acting like a caged animal that just wanted to escape. He used to walk a mile a day, and he gradually stopped exercising to the point where he didn't exercise at all! I saw both of my parents take this path, and it was very sad, and very enlightening to watch their diminishment.

This experience of watching my parents age caused me to think about my own attitudes toward aging and how important it is to have a clear vision of myself and my own aging process. I want to be an integrated person until I breathe my last breath! It all starts with healthy thoughts! About myself, my relationship to my family, to my community and my world. I am going to love myself, love my family and love my world. It's a great thought, but I cannot just think it, I have to feel it. I need to follow the intuitions I get and act on them! When I become aware of emotions that cloud my feelings or block my energy, I can remove them! I'm striving to feel free so that I can act on this love by serving those around me and loving them from deep within my heart!

This brings me back to yoga. As I understand the nature of our energetic constitution, it becomes more and more clear how important it is to keep the energy channels of our body open and freely flowing. I see yoga as a way to keep my mind, spirit and body flowing as one. Having been someone active in competitive sports, I know the feeling of getting your body disciplined and the feeling you get when you have reached the point where it is no longer physical exertion but a meditation. Yoga is not competitive nor is the goal to achieve perfect form through ambition but rather "to experience your own spirituality and the interaction of body and mind in each pose." Kara Singh

I want to be the 85 year old woman who can do yoga on the beach with my beloved! I want to be fully present in mind and body every moment of my life. Yoga is giving me an awareness of my body that I haven't felt since I was a little kid running around free without a care in the world. Somehow as we become adults we lose our connectedness to our bodies. We get so involved with the busy-ness of our lives that we lose touch with who and what we really are. Yoga is helping me connect again to me...physically and spiritually. It's nice to be aware of my body again. My husband's comment to me this morning after his first yoga class was that he was very aware of his back now. He felt a soothing energy in his lower back that he wasn't aware of before! Isn't that beautiful! I feel we are creating something new in our lives as we take this fork in the road together, venturing on a path neither of us has walked before, but with a clear idea that we want to be young forever in our minds, our feelings and our actions.

I hope you can love yourself today and create something new in your life!

I love you, Kathryn

Friday, February 8, 2013

Are You a Sponge for Other People’s Emotions?

If you are a very sensitive, intuitive or spiritually open person, it’s important to understand that about yourself. Your aura is an energy field that expands outward from your physical body. It can expand from as little as several inches to filling up an entire room, depending on your energy level on any given day! You probably can feel when you are having days when you feel connected to the world and days when you don’t feel that.

As a spiritually sensitive person, if your aura is extending more than 18 inches from your body, then people that you come in contact with can actually be within your energy field and you can be affected by their emotions and feelings. Before I understood that energetic aspect of myself I often experienced absorbing other people’s thoughts and feelings without knowing what was going on. I would be minding my own business and suddenly I had a thought or feeling that came out of nowhere. I wondered where that thought or feeling came from and then I looked around me and saw someone close to me whose body language was expressing the thought or feeling I was experiencing. Sometimes I would strike up a conversation with them and sure enough they confirmed that it was their thoughts or feelings I was picking up on.  Sometimes I didn’t even want to go there and just understood what was going on! This happened to me for most of my life. 
It’s been a process for me to become aware of how open I am spiritually; it’s been another process to learn how to protect myself from absorbing other people’s emotions! Throughout my life I was often told I was just too sensitive. The implication was that it is not a good thing to be spiritually open and that I needed to learn to not be that way. I often wondered why I had to change! Why couldn’t others just learn to become more sensitive! Somehow closing off a part of me seemed counter intuitive. The first step for me was to see being sensitive as my gift. As with all gifts I had to learn how to work with it. We were created as energetic beings, it’s our nature. Our blocked energy is what desensitizes us, so really, being sensitive is natural; not being sensitive is unnatural. So until the rest of the world realizes that they need to become more in tune with their energetic vibration (by removing their blocked energy) those of us who are open need to work on how we can stay open and clear in a largely insensitive world. 

If you are a sensitive person and you can relate to what I am talking about, here’s a little tip for you. When you are going out in a public situation or you know that you will be coming in contact with someone who tends to have a strong energetic field (positive or negative) that affects you, pull your aura in so that it extends only 18 inches from your body. You do that by saying “I’m pulling my aura in to 18 inches from my body.” It’s that simple! This is the area recognized as “personal space” that people don’t normally enter unless they are invited in by you. You can surround your aura with golden liquid which will also act as protection from other people’s energy. Before doing a session it’s a common practice for a person doing healing work to do some kind of technique to protect their energy. This is often referred to as grounding yourself. 

It’s is also an important habit for healers to ground themselves after they do a session with someone. In the same regard, as a sensitive person, you too can release the energy of another person if you feel they have somehow invaded your energetic space. One technique is to simply rub your hands together and say “I release myself from (name of that person)’s energy”. It’s that simple. Taking a shower is also an effective way of releasing negative energy as water takes away negative energy. Isn’t it interesting that in the Christian tradition, Baptism is a process of using water, either by immersing someone’s entire body in water or pouring water over their head, to cleanse someone from evil and let them enter into a new life with Christ.  

Another great way to remove negative energy is to imagine violet light coming through your crown chakra and filling your entire aura and pushing all negativity and low energy down through your feet to the center of the earth where it will be dissolved forever! Violet light takes away negative energy.

You are a powerful person! You can be a sensitive person and be happy and proud of it. The best protection you can give yourself is to stay away from negative situations and toxic energy. Take charge of your life by being discerning about where you allow yourself to be. Give yourself the roots that come from being grounded, and the freedom that comes when you are no longer being a sponge for others’ emotions.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Let the Sun Shine Through You Today!

My mind was singing this tune this morning. Do you remember the Fifth Dimension’s song “Aquarius”?  Here are the lyrics (abridged):

When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
And peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Age of Aquarius

Aquarius, Aquarius

Harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding
No more false hoods or derisions, golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelations, and the mind's true liberations

Aquarius, Aquarius

Let the sunshine, let the sunshine in
The sunshine in!

Let that tune run through your mind for a while and drink in the words…harmony and understanding, sympathy and trust abounding! We are moving from the Age of Pisces, a world of belief, into the Age of Aquarius, the world of increased spirituality and harmony among our fellow human beings! This is a time where we are called into attendance!  We are meant to be in love and acceptance of each other and be in service to each other.

Not everyone handles change very well. We all like to live our lives and feel the comfort of our rhythms and patterns. It’s not easy to see a “new generation” seem to be OK without the spiritual traditions my generation was raised with. Yet, the children of today are blessed with growing up with the foundation of laws my generation has created that promote openness and acceptance! This is their norm, so they will take it from there to even higher levels of love.

Imagine what it was like living in the world when Columbus was alive. Everyone thought the world was flat and he had a hard time getting people to sail with him, because they thought that they were going to fall off the edge of the earth! The brave few that sailed with him became enlightened first because they were willing to let go of the old and sail into the new. We are all faced with this same process of moving into the new, and it means expanding our belief system to include new discoveries about our beings and the principles that affect us on an energetic level. No one walks off a cliff because we understand the laws of gravity. How many of us walk of “spiritual cliffs” because we are not aware of the laws of energy governing our spiritual selves?

Once we discovered the world was round we let go of fear and were able to make greater discoveries like flying and even going to the moon! It was the daring few that pierced the veil of fear to make new discoveries. Once you have a more clear understanding of the laws of physics that govern our lives you can harness those laws and the potential is limitless!

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we don’t have to abandon the great lessons of the Age of Pisces. Pisces brought us spiritual evolution and seeking to understand a greater meaning of life and a connection to deep love. Jesus brought us a deeper understanding of love. The symbol of the early Christians is a fish! He spoke of loving each other. This is a truth we build on as we enter the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is bringing the energy of unselfish service, group work and self-sacrifice. There is nothing to be afraid of. Building on the principles of love we have learned from the Age of Pisces, we can shoot for the moon in our relationships to each other.

We are becoming aware of toxicities that affect us physically and we are taking steps to protect ourselves from toxins in the air and water. What about toxic energy from negative people? As we serve each other and work together more and more, we need to understand the energy system of our bodies so we can protect ourselves from the negative energy of those around us, and rid ourselves of negative energy. We are meant to be expressions of our higher selves, our true selves. Our true selves manifest as peace, joy and fulfillment guided by love and acceptance. Period.

I wish you only peace, joy and fulfillment today! Let the sun shine into your life! Be your higher self and live a life of love! Do a random act of kindness today! Blessings on your day.

I love you, Kathryn 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Find Your Oasis of Light!

I love mornings! They are the beginning of the first day of the rest of my life! I look forward to my morning meditation because it always brings me into the next chapter of being me! I never know where I will be lead and that is exciting to me.

This morning I woke up and the first thought I had was of Barbara Ann Brennan's book Light Emerging. As you can tell, my tool chest consists of books. Books I've dabbled in and some I've devoured like a hungry lion! They are always sitting there waiting patiently for me. Waiting for the Stream to carry me onto its shores. Well today I arrived at the shore of Barbara Ann Brennan's wisdom. It was like finding an oasis of light beckoning me to lay on the shore and drink in the answers to questions that I've had over the last several days.

Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing is just what it implies. Another answer to the questions I asked the Universe yesterday morning. How to I rid myself of habits that I created because I was paddling upstream using the oars of my trapped emotions. Now that I have gotten rid of the oars, I want to understand how to live my life without them. I will stay on this shore for awhile, basking in the light.

I hope you have a good Sunday. It's a day of rest and retreat, or not. I hope it is a day of coming closer to who you really are.

I love you, Kathryn

Pull In the Oars and Allow Yourself to Be!

Yesterday morning I woke up to a mixture of strong feelings that I knew were not my true self. These were familiar feelings, however. They come up periodically in my life, seemingly out of nowhere and they are feelings that made me feel inadequate and apprehensive. I knew I had to do a session to remove some trapped emotions.

I removed some deeply rooted emotions. The more you do this work, you are able to remove deeper layers of trapped emotions. The trapped emotions I released were: the emotion of Pride that I inherited from seven generations on my dad's side, the emotion of Fear that I inherited from 6 generations on my dad's side, the emotions of Unworthy and Worthless both from 21 generations on my mom's side, all women! (Visit my website to understand how we inherit emotions.) Once I removed them, I felt free of the the feelings that seemed to be haunting me before the session. I was like a new person!

As I meditated, I had to ask the Universe to help me know what it feels like to be worthy and valuable after living my entire life with this backdrop of 21 generations of feeling unworthy and worthless! How do I know what it truly feels like to be humble, modest, and teachable when I've been influenced by 7 generations of the feeling of Pride? What does it feel like to be truly trusting, confident, reassured, and brave after experiencing the way it feels like to be in fear for my entire life from inheriting 6 generations of fear? I always felt these things subconsciously, but now that I've liberated myself from these trapped emotions, I want to feel these positive emotions. I want to have a new frame of reference for my reality. I want to experience these new feelings.

After asking these questions, I suddenly heard Esther Hicks name resound loudly in my mind. I pulled the book, The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks, off of my bookshelf and it became very clear why. Esther Hicks talks about the three Universal Laws that help us guide our lives deliberately.

The Law of Attraction will bring things to you to match your vibration. Even if you are ignorant of this law, it works like gravity. It just is. Whatever is happening to you is your perfect vibrational match and the emotions that are present within you indicate your vibrational state of being.

The Law of Deliberate Creation works on the Principle that by deliberately directing your attention, thoughts, and feelings toward the outcome that you desire, you can be, or do, or have anything that you choose.

The Law of Allowing is where all of your personal power lies. The Art of Allowing is "the conscious gentle guiding of your thoughts in the general direction of the things that you desire." As you become convinced that your true work is to simply realign with who-you-really-are the Art of Allowing will become second nature to you.

I Imagined myself paddling upstream against the current, and all of the resistance I feel. Then I imagined that I stopped paddling and just give in to the Stream and let it turn me around and take me downstream, trusting the Stream knowing that it knows more than I do. I will be gently taken by the Stream toward the things I really want. I just need to lie back in my boat and relax to the idea that this Stream is carrying me to my inevitable Well-being and to the fulfillment of my desires…that which is truly me! What a great answer to my prayer!

This is what removing trapped emotions is all about. It's about getting rid of the negative vibrations that we have that are totally outside of our conscious reality. It's a vibration that we have that is real and attracts things into our lives. Did you ever ask yourself, "Why does this keep happening to me?" It's because you are attracting it to yourself. Trapped emotions are real and attract stuff into our lives. We are at a time now that we have all of the tools to make great shifts happen in our lives! By removing the four emotions that I removed this yesterday morning, I removed the negative emotions that kept me paddling upstream! I've pulled in the oars and am allowing myself to be carried by the current of my true emotions.

As I flow with the vibration of my true desires I will discover the true feelings of manifesting trust, confidence, humility, and being teachable! I am part of the Stream of feeling loved, worthy, valuable, important and exceptional! I am a new person, being born anew every moment of every day!

May this day be one of new beginnings for you! Allow yourself to be who you really are!

I love you, Kathryn

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Do You Have the Tools You Need to Grow?

I accept that I am what I am! I appreciate the openness and vigor of those younger than I! I’ve learned so much from my children, they have taught, and continue to teach me about loving myself and loving others. Their generation is tomorrow’s leaders and my heart is to love and support them as they bring our world into a higher understanding of heart. The young people of today are naturals at following their hearts. They’ve never been afraid of going with their gut, wherever it may lead!

I am 55 years old and I am not your traditional “energy practitioner”! I only had my second yoga class of my life last night. It was run by the most beautiful young lady who was able to stretch and bend her body in ways I can only hope to do! After class we got to know each other a little and something she said struck me. I told her that I could feel that it had opened up my energy centers and my body felt more limber and energized after my first yoga experience. She told me that normally people use yoga as a gateway into energy work. I did energy work first and that lead me to yoga. Figures…I always take an unconventional route!

My nature is to be a spiritual seeker. I had one dream since I was young and that was to have a loving family; I wanted a big family. I am first and foremost a mom. It is my passion. I wanted to create a family that would be a support system of love. That is and always will be my heart. I was fortunate to have been introduced into energy healing work by a dear friend and that became my hobby as I raised my family. Yes, I am a Certified Life coach and Emotion Code Practitioner, but these are merely the tools I've used and continue to use to bring love and healing into my family and into this world. They don’t define me.

One of the other tools I use to help me keep myself on the path of love is Mastin Kipp’s "The Daily Love"! Mastin has been there every morning for me for the last several years, like a dose of spiritual caffeine! He is a perfect example of the new generation of leaders. He puts himself out there for love, allowing himself to be vulnerable and honest about his own struggles in becoming a loving person. His blog has been instrumental in keeping me on track to follow my dreams to create my website and follow the passion I have for energy work. Raising four teenage daughters and a son and getting them into and through college took a lot of my energy and focus. The Daily Love was my morning treat that gave me a spiritual focus for the day. Thank you Mastin!

At one point in my career I was the Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Sales for a real estate development company. At the end of every meeting this Vice President would ask his Sales Associates if they had the tools to do their job. Whenever he did this I felt his heart of caring for his guys!
Do you have the tools you need to do your job? 

You want to be a loving person, but do you have the tools to help you become a better lover? When you are with that person whom you love, and they are just irritating the hell out of you, do you have the tools to remain calm and be in love and acceptance of that person? Or, do you just dump all of the emotions you are feeling in that moment in the lap of the other person, making them be responsible for your feelings? And how does that make you feel afterward? Do you feel good about yourself? Do you feel that you just loved that person? I’ve been there, done that and I can say that I never felt like a loving person afterward! Sure I felt good that I could release my emotions, but I always felt that it was at the expense of the other person! Is that love?

You need the tools to weed your emotional garden of those triggers that cause you to destroy relationships and destroy your health. I have the tools to remove those triggers, those trapped emotions, that undermine your efforts to be a loving and kind person. Can you imagine the freedom you would feel if you didn’t have to fight back that inner negative voice all the time? What if you no longer had to fight that inner negative voice? Those are your trapped emotions talking to you! Take back your power and be responsible for your feelings and your love. You will become that person of loving kindness that you imagine yourself to be, even when life throws you those curve balls!

I love you! Kathryn

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shield yourself from negative energies!

Here is a technique you may use to shield yourself from negative energies! 

Take a magnet off of your refrigerator, and pass the magnet over your governing meridian. If you are alone, start between your eyebrows and pass the magnet up over the center of your forehead, over the center of the top of your head and down the center of the back of your head as far down your back as you can reach. If you have someone there with you, you can ask them pass the magnet over your spine from the base of your head down to your tailbone. (You don't have to do both, either pass the magnet over the top of your head or along your spine.) Keep doing this as you say these words: 

“I’m placing a shield around you.

It covers you completely and is permanent.

It will block all negative energies but will allow

Positive energies in.”

Sometimes the shield gets deactivated at night, so every morning
simply say "Shields up” to restore your shield. (You only need to pass
the magnet over your governing meridian the first time.)

Enjoy your day and feel free to love!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Vulnerable is scary, but it's liberating!

This morning I was sharing with my husband how vulnerable I feel because I always kept my truth neatly tucked away where I and only those whom I trusted could know and experience it! I was like a turtle that could go inside my shell! Its like the shell is gone now and I feel naked and vulnerable ever since my website went live! Everything I hold dear and precious is out there for the world to see and to like or not like!

Our subconscious creates a heartwall around our heart that protects our heart just like that turtle shell! Once you remove the trapped emotions that make up your heartwall you feel naked and vulnerable...but the amazing thing is you don't feel afraid! You feel open and calm and ready to love!

We have learned to associate vulnerability with fear! Being vulnerable is an important part of loving another person! It's the first step in trusting another person because by making yourself vulnerable you are actively trusting and believing in yourself! 

Being vulnerable is scary, but its liberating! Being scared is not being in fear. It is simply acknowledging that you are outside your comfort zone and by allowing yourself to be scared, you let the Universe send a true support system of other loving people into your life! Isn't that better than just carrying a shell of fear around with you everywhere!?!

Have a day filled with love and acceptance of yourself and others!