Monday, March 4, 2013


Sometimes meditation is very misunderstood. Like anything new, we tend to try too hard. Focused breathing is used in every kind of meditation because it brings you to an awareness of yourself as you listen to the simple process of breathing in and breathing out. Meditation teaches us to keep our mind clear. We are trying to make our minds like a clear pool of still water where you can see the bottom perfectly. Thoughts sometimes act like the pebble thrown into the water causing ripples that prevent you from seeing the bottom of your pool, your center. Yoga refers to those as monkey thoughts! The purpose of meditation is to clear your mind so that you can feel your soul and listen to the messages your soul has for you! 

In your dance of life, have you gotten to the point in your dance where you have practiced a routine so much that it has become a part of you? Can you feel like your body moves and your mind no longer has to focus on the form so that you are free to move and be one with the music? I used to be a competitive swimmer and during practice as I was swimming miles, I got into a zone where my body just glided effortlessly through the water and I would feel so peaceful and calm. This was a meditation for me. Did you ever experience driving on the highway and you feel like you zoned out for awhile and just allowed yourself to not think and soak in everything around you? That is meditation. Sometimes we are meditating and don't even realize it. I would suggest trying to connect with moments like this in your life where you already have been meditating but maybe didn't call it that. Think of moments where you felt peaceful and calm, even if for a few moments. The purpose of meditating is to find a very calm relaxed place within yourself where you feel safe; and then just allow yourself to be there and listen. 

Life itself can be a meditation if you allow that peaceful, calm place within you to be with you wherever you go! You simply need to still the waters of your mind.

Have fun and may you find that place of peace within yourself.

I love you, Kathryn