Thursday, January 31, 2013

Shield yourself from negative energies!

Here is a technique you may use to shield yourself from negative energies! 

Take a magnet off of your refrigerator, and pass the magnet over your governing meridian. If you are alone, start between your eyebrows and pass the magnet up over the center of your forehead, over the center of the top of your head and down the center of the back of your head as far down your back as you can reach. If you have someone there with you, you can ask them pass the magnet over your spine from the base of your head down to your tailbone. (You don't have to do both, either pass the magnet over the top of your head or along your spine.) Keep doing this as you say these words: 

“I’m placing a shield around you.

It covers you completely and is permanent.

It will block all negative energies but will allow

Positive energies in.”

Sometimes the shield gets deactivated at night, so every morning
simply say "Shields up” to restore your shield. (You only need to pass
the magnet over your governing meridian the first time.)

Enjoy your day and feel free to love!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Being Vulnerable is scary, but it's liberating!

This morning I was sharing with my husband how vulnerable I feel because I always kept my truth neatly tucked away where I and only those whom I trusted could know and experience it! I was like a turtle that could go inside my shell! Its like the shell is gone now and I feel naked and vulnerable ever since my website went live! Everything I hold dear and precious is out there for the world to see and to like or not like!

Our subconscious creates a heartwall around our heart that protects our heart just like that turtle shell! Once you remove the trapped emotions that make up your heartwall you feel naked and vulnerable...but the amazing thing is you don't feel afraid! You feel open and calm and ready to love!

We have learned to associate vulnerability with fear! Being vulnerable is an important part of loving another person! It's the first step in trusting another person because by making yourself vulnerable you are actively trusting and believing in yourself! 

Being vulnerable is scary, but its liberating! Being scared is not being in fear. It is simply acknowledging that you are outside your comfort zone and by allowing yourself to be scared, you let the Universe send a true support system of other loving people into your life! Isn't that better than just carrying a shell of fear around with you everywhere!?!

Have a day filled with love and acceptance of yourself and others!